2013 June AGM Minutes

 Mount Washington Ski Patrol Association Annual General Meeting

June 1st, 2013


12:50- Attendance-Brad MacIver, Tim Baker, Martin Martens, Kathryn Alexander, Paul Vroom, Dick Fulton, Martin Smith, Margaret Symon, Jake Friesen, Jenny Evans, Derick Dixon, Andy Brown, Mike Vattheuer, Robbie Jai, Tommy Nyman, Hugh Bryce, Floyd Graves, Ray Smith, David Crottey, Bruce Vinnage, Jake Nessman, Ann Benefiel, John Neville, Krystal Francisty, Andrew Hofmann, Roy Shock, Steve Pilcher, Ryan MacIver, James Bryce   

Dick Fulton-MC and Timekeeper

Kathryn Alexander-taking minutes

12:55- Hand out agenda

13:20- Meeting called to order by Dick Fulton-Agenda amended

·         Add the reading of the last AGM 2012 minutes 

Minutes of M.W.S.P.A. AGM 2012-Read by Kathryn Alexander

Motion to accept and adopt the minutes of M.W.S.P.A. 2012

Moved by Tim Baker Seconded by Robbie Jai             Motion Passed non apposed

Presidents Report (Brad MacIver) Attached Spoke of M.W.S.P.A. adapting to changes in the industry, streamlining policy, clarifying roles and responsibilities, the importance of recognizing members individual contributions and upcoming changes in the M.W.S.P.A. Constitution.

Motion to accept and adopt the Presidents Report

Moved by Hugh Bryce Seconded by Paul Vroom         Motion passed non apposed

Treasurers Report and Budget Attached (Martin Martens) Spoke of the need to either spend less or increase revenue as the current M.W.S.P.A. annual spending is higher than the current annual income.

Motion to accept the Treasurers Report

Moved by Floyd Graves Seconded by John Neville      Motion passed non apposed

Questions- Hugh Bryce voiced concern about the new website having ongoing costs

Answer- Jake Friesen, Tim Baker and Martin Martins responded acknowledging ongoing costs of upgrades for items not anticipated initially in set up, M.W.S.P.A. has potential for revenue by agreement for being a part of the software development. The software developers are doing a number of upgrades at no cost to the M.W.S.P.A.

Question- Jenny Evans, Bruce Vinnage and Paul Vroom asked the status of the gaming grants.

Answer- Martin Martens stated that the M.W.S.P.A. Constitution needs to be changed to have Auxiliary members as voting members to comply with the gaming grant criteria.

Discussion about the benefits of having Gaming Grant status and other revenue building options such as other grant applications being prepared and submitted by Dana Starrit.

Question- Andy Brown asked about the budget item “unrestricted assets” and what that included

Answer- Martin Martens and Paul Vroom clarified it is the amortization of assets over time such as the chalet. There is a schedule of what items qualify and how the amortization is calculated

Motion to keep the membership dues the same as 2012

Moved Martin Martens Seconded John Neville               Motion passed non apposed

Trainers Report including First Years and Juniors (Tim, Andy, Dave, Jake)

Dick Fulton reported on first year training on behalf of First Year Lead Trainer Dave Hutton stating that 28 full first year members completed their training and 8 Junior first year members completed their training for a total of 36 first year members complete and 2 Junior first year members very close to being complete. A special thank you to Gord Munroe for the extra time he put into Snow camp and a special thank you to Mike Vattheuer for redoing the training sheets. Although there were a few hiccups the training went well overall.

Tim Baker reported that the ski lessons went well this year and the M.W.S.P.A. increased its standards by requiring all first year members to be signed of for their skiing/snowboarding abilities. There was an increase in snow board participation due to the Junior Patrol participants. Ann Benefiel has agreed to assist with monitoring the ski lessons next season while Tim is away. Tim requests that the budget for ski/snowboard lessons stays the same for next season.

Jake Friesen reported that the Junior Patrol Program had a good response and that 8 members were coming back as regular patrol and two were returning as Junior members. Currently there are 9 applicants for next season who will write their OFAIII in August. The Junior Member program also encourages the participants to have new experiences at other hills.

Andy Brown- is the new Instructor Trainer (IT) for the National Ski Patrol (NSP) and ensuring the Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) program meets all required criteria for the membership. Second year training was formally set up this season and the OEC challenge criteria is being looked into for people meeting the prerequisites.

Motion to accept and adopt the Trainers Report.

Moved Tim Baker Seconded Hugh Bryce              Motion passed non apposed

Conduct and Attendance Report (Paul Vroom) Spoke of how the computer system assists in management of attendance and with the upcoming changes the program will be more user friendly.

The M.W.S.P.A. exceeded the required 1540 duty days by 262 days for a total of 1802 duty days.

There were some minor conduct issues that were managed within the Board level

Motion to accept and adopt the Conduct and Attendance Report

Moved Brad MacIver Seconded Margaret Symon

Nordic Report (Margaret Symon) Spoke of how the number of patrol members patrolling on the Nordic side was down in numbers from previous years. There is now a Nordic checklist in place that members need to be signed off on before patrolling the Nordic area. There is an increase in snow-shoeing activity and patrol members are encouraged to come over to the Nordic to help out with Snow-shoe trail patrolling.

Motion accept to and adopt the Nordic Report

Moved Hugh Bryce Seconded Floyd Graves          Motion passed non apposed

Chalet Report (Marty Smith) Spoke of the change in caretaker status and that as of today they were actively looking for a new caretaker. Paul Vroom advised that he could contact Ivan for short term management until a replacement has been found. The chalet is in need of new appliances and Jake Friesen said that he was concerned about sanitation of dishes if the dish washer was not working properly. Marty Smith also said that there was a need to review chalet policy around group gatherings off season as it would be good to increase chalet revenues to help offset costs. Hugh Bryce queried budget expenses for the chalet when the overall association annual revenue was down compared to annual costs? Marty Smith advised that some items are required and some may be put off. Martin Martens said that the budget for this year will be managed best at the next AGM in the fall.

Motion to accept and adopt the Chalet report

Moved Hugh Bryce Seconded Tommy Nymann   Motion passed non apposed

Constitutional changes report (Martin Martins) Spoke of the need to make some changes in the M.W.S.P.A. Constitution

1.       Motion to have Auxiliary Members added as voting members of the M.W.S.P.A. in the constitution                                                                                                                   Moved Jenny Evans Seconded Hugh Bryce        Motion passed non apposed

2.       Motion to change the date of the M.W.S.P.A. Annual General Meeting in the constitution to within six weeks of training weekend which is the last weekend of October every year.  Moved Andrew Hoffman Seconded Dave Crottey             Motion passed one apposed

3.       Motion to delete Team Leaders appointment from the constitution                              Moved Tommy Nymann Seconded Ray Smith    Motion passed non apposed

4.       Motion to change the fiscal year end of the M.W.S.P.A. to July 31st of each year  Moved Tim Baker Seconded John Neville  Motion Passed one apposed

Motion to accept and adopt the Constitutional Changes Report

Moved Margaret Symon Seconded Ray Smith          Motion passed non apposed

Policy Amendments Attached (Kathryn Alexander) Spoke of the newly amended “Terms and Guidelines of Volunteer Patrolling” which was recently adopted by the MRC to have posted for both paid and volunteer patrol members to have available at the bump shacks, FAR and chalet for reference.

Motion to accept and adopt the Policy Amendments report

Moved Robbie Jai Seconded Andrew Hofmann    Motion passed non apposed

General discussion about the changes in Complimentary Pass entitlement in the MOU this year and the need to make appropriate changes in the M.W.S.P.A. Constitution so that the MOU and Constitution align.

Motion to defer the subject of Complimentary pass distribution and provide members with options to be voted on at the next AGM

Moved Tommy Nymann

Request for Volunteers (Martin Martens, Kathryn Alexander) Spoke of the need for volunteer members to come forward to help with ongoing items such as manning the fundraising tent, being a chalet chaperon for special events and helping out with photos

Mt. Washington Area Resort (Lindsay Dewhirst) Spoke that the resort had a good patrol season overall and were happy with the changes in the Junior Patrol Program and development of a Co-training Committee. The resort would be opening June 20th for the summer season. There are plans to change the Ozone area over the summer.

Identify Executive positions

Motion to extend the current M.W.S.P.A. Board of Directors until the next AGM in the fall

Moved Andrew Hofmann Seconded Robbie Jai          Motion passed non apposed

Motion to adjourn @ 15:40 by Robbie Jai


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