2014 AGM Minutes

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Mt. Washington Ski Patrol Association Annual General Meeting 

Sunday October 26th, 2014 at Mt. Washington Alpine Lodge 

Chairperson: Tim Baker

Meeting minutes to be taken by Ann Benefiel & Jenny Evans as back-up

Members present:

Kathryn Alexander, Tim Baker, Ann Benefiel, David Boag, Andy Brown, Hugh Bryce, James Bryce, Jess Cavanagh, Dani Daigle, Dave De Pasquale, Derick Dixon, Jason Duchak, Jennifer Evans, Krystal Francisty, Jake Friesen, Dick Fulton, Floyd Graves, Geoff Harms, Dawn Harwijne, Andrew Hofmann, Frank Holatko, Richard Holmes, Greg Howard, Dave Hutton, Bert Jaeger, Phil Linder, Sebastien Marcoux, Martin Martens, Neil Matheson, Don McCauley, Luke Millard, John Mohler, Tommy Nymann, Steve Pilcher, Marc Poirier, Derek Reay, John Salmen, Roy Schock, Martin Smith, Raymond Smith, Jake Solway, Kurtis Stuchnoff, Margaret Symon, Jean-Guy Moreau, Paul VanDusen, Mike Vattheuer, Bruce Vinnedge, Paul Vroom, Mark Williams, Keith Windle

14:10 - Meeting called to order by Tim Baker

  •  50 members present - Quorum established

Presidents Report by Tim Baker

  • As attached
  • Motion to accept the Presidents report
  • Moved by Moose (Don) Macauley             
  • Second by Hugh Bryce 
  • Motion carried          

Vice-Presidents Report by Martin Martens

  • As attached
  • Highlighted the importance of Fundraising Efforts to patrol:
    • Movie nights & film festival
    • Donations/Sponsorship
    • No Ski Swap, but could get revived
  • Motion to accept the Vice-Presidents report
  • Moved by Floyd Graves 
  • Second by Dawn Harwijne
  • Motion carried

Treasurers Report by John Neville

  • As attached
  • Focus of report highlighted how funding is at risk and not sustainable 2 years out unless we are able to raise funds or fees
  • Strategies encompass:
    • Apply for Gaming Grant and/or other grant(s)/
    • Raise Fees
    • Reduce Expenses
    • Develop other successful fundraising programs
  • Motion to accept the Treasurers report
  • Moved by Dave Hutton
  • Second by Bruce Vinnedge            
  • Motion carried

Annual budget

  • As attached
  • Strategy is to reduce the amount of cash on hand and create reserves so that MWSPA will be eligible to apply for grants
  • We have enough funds to cover this year
  • However, next year is when we will run out and have to make substantial cuts and raise the membership fees
  • Much discussion & questions re: training equipment expenses as we will no longer be able to borrow equipment through Derek Dixon’s connections
  • Much discussion & questions re: the cost of ski/snowboard lessons & the amount spent on ski-snowboard training
  • Motion to adopt the Annual Budget as presented by John Neville
  • Moved by Mike Vattheuer
  • Second by Dawn Harwijne              
  • Motion carried
  • Motion to set dues at $100 for the next year
  • Moved by Mike Vattheuer
  • Second by Marty Smith
  • Motion carried

Training Reports by Keith Windle, Derek Tolmie, Jake Friesen and Andy Brown

OEC Training- Andy Brown - as Attached

  • Also see OEC-NSP Evaluator Report on our Annual OEC Refresher/Training Weekend to be posted on website

Junior Patroller Training – Jake Friesen – As attached

  • All 10  Jr patrollers successfully completed training last year
  • 6 returning from previous years
  • 10 new Jr’s joining the patrol this year

Training Coordinator’s Report – Derek Tolmie – as Attached

  • forming a formal training committee for documentation and risk management
  • Focus this year on T-bog training and evaluation
  • CPR – HCP – will become the minimum standard  in the future

1st years - Keith Windle – As Attached

  • 22 1st year patrollers accepted this year
  • Snow camp is the next focus and need Preceptors/Mentors for Jr and 1st years
  • Motion to accept the Trainers’ reports
  • Moved by Margaret Symon  
  • Second by Kathryn Alexander                 
  • Motion carried

Attendance Report by Bruce Vinnedge

  • As Attached
  • Motion to accept the accept the Attendance and Conduct Report
  • Moved by Tommy Nyman  
  • Second by Jake Friesen               
  • Motion carried

Chalet Report by Marty Smith

  • As Attached
  • Wishes to strike a Chalet committee to evaluate fire risk and to produce a report to deliver to our property insurance company, which will hopefully reduce premiums.
  • Volunteers include:
    • Dave Hutton
    • Jake Solway
    • Java Duchak
    • Greg Howard
    • Roy Schock
    • Steve Pilcher
    • Graham White
  • Motion to accept the Chalet Report
  • Moved by Andrew Hofman  
  • Second by Bruce Vinnedge            
  • Motion carried

Nordic Report by Margaret Symon

  • As Attached
  • Longer season than alpine
  • Landmark accomplishment = AED now located on main floor of Raven Lodge
  • Focus next year will be on organizing and re-supplying 1st aid room
  • Motion to accept the Nordic Report
  • Moved by Kathryn Alexander  
  • Second by Sebastien Marcoux            
  • Motion carried

Bylaw Revisions Vote

1.    Motion to Delete all existing by-laws, adopt all by-laws as attached.

There are no proposed changes in the attached by-laws. This is a filing procedure. This proposal was recommended by the BC Registry as a way to have all by-laws easily searchable and available on file at the BC Registry Office.

  • Moved by – Don (Moose) MacCauley
  • Second by – Bruce  Vinnedge
  • Motion  carried - unanimous

2.    Motion to Delete by-law Part 4) 17b, replace with the following:

(Jenny Evans sought clarification, resulting in amendment of the original proposal; changing numbering from 18 b to 17 b as shown in the current Constitution)

b)  Resolution and vote by majority plus 1 vote from the Board of Directors provided the decision is supported with a written recommendation from a Conduct Committee made up of a minimum of five members, none of which are a Director or Officer of the Mount Washington Ski Patrol Association.

  • This Motion was put forward by Kathryn Alexander as a member of the MWSPA.
  • Second by Dick Fulton
  • Vote results:
    • 23  voted for replacing Part 4) 18b by-law with the above
    • 16 voted against
  • Motion Carried

Ø  The current By-laws will be deleted and the revised By-laws (which include the above revision) will be adopted when accepted at the BC Registry Office

New Business

  • Motion to reduce the training budget allocated to ski/snowboard lessons by $3000 to a total amount of $2000 was put forward by Kathryn Alexander
  • Discussion ensued about how this would fiscally “tie the hands of the board” to manage the budget
  • No one seconded the motion
  • Motion defeated


1.    Secretary

·         Nominees: Dani Daigle and Jenny Evans

·         Both nominees accepted and left the room for the vote

·         Jenny Evans was elected for a two year term (1st)


2.    Director at Large

·         Nominees: all declined except Roy Schock

·         Roy Schock was elected for a two year term (1st)


3.    Chalet Director

·         Sole Nominee – Marty Smith elected for 2nd 2 year term


4.    Nordic Director-

·         Sole Nominee – Margaret Symon for 2nd 2 year term

Motion to adjourn at 16:45  by Hugh Bryce

·         Second by Dick Fulton

·         Motion carried – unanimous

Note: AGM Minutes are preliminary, pending approval at the next AGM

Attached Reports-


President's Report

             2013-2014 season was not an ideal season for skiers and snowboarders.  I personally missed half of the season on a trip to the south pacific.  There was no snow to speak of until I returned from my holiday February 15th.  Then it started to snow and we managed to recover some of the season.  What this meant was that we were not able to implement our training program as usual for our new recruits.  Despite this initial setback we did manage to get most of our first year patrollers through the required training checklists.  We lost a few, who were not able to meet the requirements, but that is normal in any season.

             There have been a few fundamental changes with the main players in our organization this past season that must be noted.  The training committee chair for the past 9 or 10 seasons had been Derick Dixon.  Derick has done a masterful job as our training leader, but has decided it's time to retire for personal reasons.  Derek Tolme has agreed to step into this position with Derick Dixon mentoring him this season.  Many thanks to Derick Dixon for staying one more season to hand off the baton to Derek Tolme.  And thanks to Derek Tolme for taking on one of the biggest jobs in the organization.

 Our Oec instructor trainer position has been ably taken over from Gord Munroe by Andy Brown.  Andy has demonstrated that he has the clever ability to cut through the BS and get right down to the training matter.  This is an invaluable skill when delivering a clear and concise training program, and when dealing with the likes of the National Ski Patrol.

             The Trainer in charge of the first year patroller training has been Dave Hutton.  Many of you know Dave well if you've come through our system the last 5 years or so.  You already know Dave has done a great job and has set up a system that will continue to work well even though Dave has moved on.  Thanks Dave for many years of dedicated service.  The replacement for Dave is Keith Windle, a veteran of 15-16 seasons who has retired from teaching school kids and now teaches first aiders.  Thank You Keith for being the right person for this position. 

             The MWSPA has a special relationship with MWAR, and it is the intention of the board of directors to keep this relationship on a positive footing moving forward.  We do this through meetings with MWAR management once per month throughout the season.  These MRC (mountain relations committee) meetings have been valuable to clarify protocols, and training issues, as well as deal with personnel issues and problems as they might arise.  As an organization we must be mindful of the often delicate relationship between MWSPA and MWAR, as often we seem to be somewhat at cross purposes.  MWAR being a risk management culture and MWSPA being a training culture.  The mountain has to work hard at minimizing liabilities, and we focus our energies on training and getting better at what we do.  It's a subtle difference, but we play only a supportive role in risk management.  Mostly we train, and have fun.

 The rewards for ski patrolling are many and varied.  We might be here for the camaraderie.  We might be here for the skiing or snowboarding lessons.  We might be here to help others.   It might be the fitness.  Being in the mountains.  It's fun to be good at what we do and it's fun to train to get better.  The bottom line is it should be fun.  If you are not having fun, you're not doing it right.

                        With that in mind I will leave you with 3 questions to ask yourself after each ski patrol shift.

 What did I learn today? 

 What did I teach?

 Did I have fun?


                        In Many ways 13-14 was a forgettable season.  Not as many face shots as in past seasons, or busy Christmas holidays.  But we adapt to the conditions and train. We present a professional face to the public and get better at what we do.  We are a training organization.  We train to get better so we can do a safe, professional, and efficient job at saving lives when we are called upon to do so.  We train because it's fun.  This is for our own safety as well as the public safety.  I am very proud of the ski/snowboard lessons we deliver to our membership.  Free lessons, so that we can get better, safer, and more professional, when we do our jobs.  I urge you all to take us up on our lesson program, and hone your boarding or skiing skills in the upcoming season.  Thank you


 Vice-President Report

 A key issue, if not the key issue, for the upcoming seasons is fundraising. We are going to need more sources of funds for running the patrol after this season. The key for fundraising is having more people involved in fundraising. Currently, only a few people are involved in fundraising and this needs to change.  We face a choice, everyone in the patrol needs to get involved in fundraising efforts or we will have to raise our membership dues.

In addition to the button sales fundraising, largely done by Jean-Guy Moreau, our current fundraising effort this season involves movie nights. We plan to run movie nights in Victoria (Nov 23), Cumberland (Nov 27), and Campbell River (Nov 28). We are running the ski movie “Days of My Youth”. We need help from members in advertising and help with the movies on those evenings.

Working with MWAR, this year we are going to promote the first annual MWSPA Film Festival. We are going to encourage people to submit short (5-7 minute) videos that show people enjoying Mt Washington. Entry fees of $10-20 plus ticket sales to the movie nights have a good potential for raising funds. It has been a successful method used at other resorts (Mt Baker, Bridger Bowl).  To get this to work, we need sponsors for prizes and we need to promote it on the mountain.

Treasurers Report with Annual Budget

The Association's books were now being done by a combination of a book-keeper and Stanfield and Co, as opposed to the last few years where Presley and Partners had done the books.   Presley had done a perfectly good job but, the new arrangements were more cost effective and provided more input to the process.
Cash in the last year has gone down by $13,391 from $39,060 to $25,669.  Most of this was attributable to an operating loss of $5,144 and spending on Capital Equipment of $4,712. The balance of the changes were working capital items.

The budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year provides for a further operating loss of $7,000. Something must be done:
 - Get a gaming grant
 - Do more fundraising
 - Reduce expenses
 - Raise membership fees.

It was noted that in the following budget approved in September by the Board, Membership Revenue was already $2,500 low due to emeritus waivers and a lower intake of first year patrollers than planned.







Actual Aug 13


Budget Aug 14


to Jul 14


to Jul 15


Ordinary Income/Expense




4000 · General Revenue





4020 · Membership Revenue





4050 · Fundraising Revenue





4650 · Chalet Fees Revenue





Total Income








 General Expenses





5250 · Social Event Expense





5270 · Fundraising Expenses





5400 · Training Expenses





5800 · Chalet Expenses





Total Expense





Net Ordinary Income





Other Income/Expense


Other Expense


Chalet Reserve Accrual





Jacket Reserve Accrual





Total Other Expense





Net Other Income




Net Income






Training Reports-

Keith Windle

We have 22 first years that we have put through training weekend.  Of those 22, one is strictly Nordic patrolling and one is strictly first aid room attendant.  This means we will be training 20 downhill patrollers at our snow camps.  Of course, I'm not counting Jake Friesen's juniors.

Derek Tolmie

They will be looking at changing the CPR-C requirement to HCP as early as next year. The Training Committee is being formed to work with Derek. All patrollers will be required to demonstrate on hill toboggan training this year.

Jake Friesen

All 10 Jr’s completed their training last year, it came down to the last day but they did it. The Jr program is open to all students not just from one school district. There are 10 new ones for this year.

Andy Brown

The O.E.C. has completed another external evaluation and for the last two years have gotten very good reviews. There has been a change to the O.E.C. challenge exam, the OFA3 no longer qualifies to challenge the program.


Attendance Report


Day Shift  819

Night Shift 64

Morning Half Day 53

Afternoon Half Day 44

Total Days 931.5


Chalet Report

There needs to be communication if anything is leaving the chalet please let the Chalet director know. Marty is looking to create a committee for a fire prevention inspection at the chalet.

Nordic Report

A short report, like last season, but in spite of the brevity of the ski season, Nordic had quite an accomplishment - we were open for more snow days than Alpine. I'd like to thank the Nordic patrollers who kept us afloat! We also had another accomplishment - we finally got our AED mounted in a case on the wall on the main floor of Raven. Marc Lyster gets kudos for helping us out.


This year we're delighted to welcome 3 new 1st years - who will be exclusively Nordic. We welcome all patrollers with cross country and/or snowshoeing experience to give Nordic a try. Please contact Rick Stride or myself ahead of time to set up an orientation. Our Nordic checklist outlines our training/safety objectives. (The checklist should be on our MSWPA website.) I'd like to ensure our Nordic training objectives are coordinated with the patrol Training Committee. Another goal this year is to clean up and restock the Nordic first aid room prior to opening day. Any help with this task would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, thanks to everyone at Nordic, and here's to a great snow year!