Covid-19 Safety Plans

Mount Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol Association has created these safety plans to address the needs of volunteers during the operational season of 2020/2021 due to the novel corona virus or COVID-19.


These COVID-19 Safety Plans have been developed in accordance with the guidelines set by the BC Provincial Health Officer and Worksafe BC as they are provided.

All patrollers should review these plans carefully prior to their first shift: 

1. Workplace Safety Plan [PDF]

2. Cleaning and Disinfection Plan [PDF]

3. Exposure Plan [PDF]

4. Chalet Safety Plan [PDF] 


Patrollers will need to complete a self-assessment prior to their shift. An online form will be accessible from the shift sign-in/out computer. 

5. Daily Self Assessment Form [PDF]


MWSPA also recommends downloading and using the BC Covid-19 support app: 

6. https://www.thrive.health/bc-covid19-app


Thank you all for doing your best to make this season safe.