2013 October AGM Minutes


Mt. Washington Ski Patrol Association Annual General Meeting

Sunday October 27th, 2013 at Mt. Washington Alpine Lodge

Members Present – Tim Baker, Martin Martens, Kathryn Alexander, Paul, Vroom, Dick Fulton, Marty Smith, Margaret Symon, Jake Friesen, Derick Dixon, Andy Brown, Dave Hutton, Jenny Evans, John Neville, Bruce Vinnedge,  Richard Holmes, Andrew Hofmann, Tommy Nymann, Hugh Bryce, Ray Smith, Ann Benefiel, Derek Tolmie, David Crottey, Mike Vattheuer, Neil Matheson, Martin Wong, Floyd Graves, Kyle Klint, Steve Pilcher, Chris Williams, Roy Schock, Robert Behrendt, Paul Lloyd, Jake Nessman, David Graham, Mark Pawluk, Bert Jaeger, Dawn Harwinje, Jason Duchak, Adam Stopeck, Kris Campbell, Jake Solway, Skafti Sinclair, Ryan Hendren, James Bryce, John Salmon, Jerry Rippin,

Dick Fulton to MC the meeting and Meeting minutes to be taken by Kathryn Alexander

14:30 Meeting called to order by Dick Fulton

Presidents Report by Tim Baker on behalf of Brad MacIver…report attached.

Motion to accept the Presidents report

Moved by Hugh Bryce  Second by Tommy Nymann             Motion Passed

Treasurers Report by Martin Martens…report attached

Motion to accept the Treasurers report

Moved by Hugh Bryce  Second by Andrew Hofmann             Motion Passed

Motion to set dues the same as last season

Moved by Andy Brown  Second by Hugh Bryce

Training Report by Tim Baker, Jake Friesen, Dave Hutton and Andy Brown

Tim advised the ski/snowboard lessons were a success and would be continued for members for this upcoming season

Jake advised that there were 18 Junior Patrol members this season which includes returning Junior members

Dave advised that there were 49 First Year members including ten Junior First Years and 5 First Year FAR attendants for a total of 54 First Year members starting this season

Andy Brown advised that the OEC training had been audited this year and that there would be ongoing training with second year members and any third year members that were not signed off last season. He said that he would also be clarifying the criteria required and what options are available for members wanting to do the OEC challenge or full course.

Motion to accept the Trainers report

Moved by Hugh Bryce   Second by Floyd Graves                  Motion Passed

Kathryn point of order advised that the annual budget needed to be adopted

Motion to adopt the Annual Budget as presented by Martin (attached)

Moved by Floyd Graves  Second by Jason Duchak               Motion Passed

Attendance and Conduct Report by Paul Vroom advising that Bruce Vinnedge would be taking over as Attendance Committee Chair for Paul over this upcoming season

Motion to accept the accept the Attendance and Conduct Report

Moved by Dave Crottey   Second by Ray Smith                      Motion Passed

Motion the Mt. Washington Ski Patrol Association Board of directors can distribute the complimentary passes received by the Mt. Washington Area Resort at the Boards discretion

Moved by John Salmon   Second Tommy Nymann                Motion Defeated (20 for and 25 opposed)

Chalet Report by Marty Smith advised that there had been some improvements to the Chalet over this season and reminded members that we are still looking for a Caretaker for the Chalet for this season.

Motion to accept the Chalet Report

Moved by Margaret Symon   Second by Hugh Bryce             Motion Passed

Nordic Report by Margaret Symon advised of need for more patrol presence in the Nordic area and the increase in Snowshoeing opportunities for patrol members.

Motion to accept the Nordic Report

Moved by Mark Pawluk   Second by Dawn Harwinje              Motion Passed


President- Tim Baker 1st Year of two year term

Vice President- Martin Martens 1st Year of two year term

Treasurer- John Neville 1st Year of two year term

Secretary- Kathryn Alexander 1st Year of two year term (3rd year as Secretary)

Director at Large- Paul Vroom 2nd Year of two year term

Chalet Director- Marty Smith 2nd Year of two year term

Nordic Director- Margaret Symon 2nd Year of two year term

Voting for 2 Director positions- nominations Andrew Hoffman, Rick Holmes, Roy Shock and Dave Crottey

All nominations accepted and left the room for the vote

New Director- Andrew Hoffman

New Director- Rick Holmes

Motion to adjourn at 15:30 by Hugh Bryce