21/22 Season Updated On-hill Protocols

Jan 28th, 2022


Be advised that we have received the following update to our on-hill protocols for the remainder of the season.


Please read carefully:

- Contact Dispatch for zonal clearance prior to loading chair in morning (one call for all volunteers).


- First Aid Room and bumps will be limited to Mount Washington staff unless otherwise requested.


- No priority loading on any chairlift unless requested.


- Start run checks on Sunrise, moving eastward across the ski area. (Dispatch does not require notification of completed tasks).


- Tasks are to be completed in the following order:


-- Outside area boundaries, rope lines & signs

-- Inside area boundaries, rope lines, signs and tower pads (groomed runs first, then ungroomed runs)

-- Monitor for hazardous conditions that may arise throughout the day and notify Dispatch

-- Speed control in Slow Zones

-- Enforcement of Alpine Responsibility Code


- Upon recognition of an injury, notify Dispatch with location, age, gender and nature of injury. Stay on scene until staff arrive and assist as requested.


- End of day sweep at location assigned by Dispatch.


Other duties and tasks as requested:


- Assist in guarding of avalanche zone closures.

- Assist in missing persons scenarios.

- Assist in avalanche rescue scenarios.

- Assist with guest egress in the event of a lift evacuation.

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