Training Details

The Mt. Washington Volunteer Ski Patrol requires a high standard of first aid proficiency to be maintained by its members at all times. This is done by continually training both our new and current volunteer ski patrollers. The organization requires and accepts both Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) and Occupational First Aid Level 3 (OFA3) certification when combined with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Health Care Providers (CPR-HCP - renewed yearly). Further training is provided to alleviate differences in protocol between the two systems by borrowing from which ever method is deemed better for our specific environment in which we provide first aid and pre-hospital care.

The Patrol also seeks out specialized training, courses and certificates to promote best practices among the membership and to provide a range of skills upon which the organization can build. Sometimes, the specialized training opportunities can be offered to the public as well as patrol with the aim to promote winter and outdoor safety.

For further information on the different certificates, where to obtain training and other ways to develop your skills, please refer to the links and the Upcoming Training Events section listed below:

St.John's Ambulance

Nanaimo Branch: 425 Madsen Road, Nanaimo, BC, (250)741-0102
Victoria Branch: 941 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC, (250)388-5505
Comox Valley: 2nd Floor 463-5th St, Courtenay, BC, (250)897-1098
Campbell River: 170 Dogwood St, Campbell River, BC, (250)287-4627

Courses Offered:
OFA 3: Occupational First Aid - Level 3

Additional Links:
Other S.J.A. Locations in BC

North Island College

Comox Valley: 2300 Ryan Road, Courtenay, BC, (250)334-5000
Campbell River: 1685 S.Dogwood St, Campbell Riv, BC, (250)923-9700
Toll Free: 1-800-715-0914 within BC

Courses Offered:
OFA 3: Occupational First Aid - Level 3