2nd Year Training

The goal of second year training is provide further training in areas that tend to take time to master.

There are 2 modules to be completed.

  • additional toboggan work
  • first aid scenarios (both trauma and medical). 

The goal is to have all of the assigned tasks completed within six weeks of the ski area opening.

The 2nd year training checklist is found on the 2nd year member's profile page in the training section.

 Who can you go to for the training and who can sign you off?


For toboggan work:-

Tim Baker T8, Ann Benefiel T19, Andy Brown T9, David Crottey T17, Dick Fulton T14, Derick Dixon T1, Jason Duchak T 21, Frank Holatko T2, Kyle Klint T 12, Dave Hutton T10, Brad MacIver T18, Gord Munroe T3, Tommy Nymann T11, Martin Smith V6, Derek Tolmie T20, Mike Vattheuer T4, Paul Vroom T5, Chris Williams T16, Martin Wong T6.


For the 2 first aid scenarios:-

All of the above & any of the trainers from training weekend they are;

Kathryn Alexander V 5, David Boag V 14, Krystal Francisty V 39,Jake FriesenV 16, Richard Glickman V 23, Mark Goebel V 33, Floyd Graves V 10, Andrew Hoffman V 2, Rick Holmes V 4, Bert Jaeger V 17, Robbie Jai T 13, Andree Lineker V 192, Mary MacLean V 29,  Martin Martens V 1, Neil Matheson V 13, Moose McCauley T 7, Mark Pawluk V 20, Marc Poirier V 26, Lisette Robinson T 15, John Salmen V 25, Ray Smith V 22, Margaret Symon N 2, Carla Valentine V 96, Bruce Vinnedge V 9.

Note, there are no set first aid scenarios, each scenario will be created by individual trainers.”

Once you have completed either of the two tasks with  a demonstrated a level of competency,  please have the trainer/preceptor notify Derek Tolmie ( and he will ensure that  you are signed off. 


If you have any questions contact Derek Tolmie or Andy Brown.