Winch Cat Safety Information


Winch Cats Safety Information

Winch cats use both tracks and a cable winch while ascending slopes during grooming operations. During ascension, the snow cat continues to load and unload the cable causing it to swiftly rise above the snow surface up to 10 feet. This operation is a severe hazard to workers and ensuring both the awareness of the cat location as well runs that are closed is essential.

Access is not permitted to any of the following areas when a cat is in operation, hooking up or unhooking. Only the cat operator can grant access to the area.  Remember Winch cats may be operating in the mornings before opening, as well on closed runs during night operations.

RUN                                     Areas affected

Ricks Ride-                     All of Ricks Ride is closed

Invitation                       Top of Sunrise chair, Gully, and Invitation to the top of the Upper Access road

Lower Invitation              To East Springs Road

Fantastic                       To East Springs Road

Rainbow                         All of Rainbow closed

Whiskey Jack                  All of Whiskey Jack closed

East Bull                         All of East Bull closed, Berry’s is closed

Exhibition                       All of Exhibition closed

White Cap                      All of White Cap closed