Ski and Snowboarding Evaluation and Lesson Policy

MWSPA Skiing and Boarding Evaluation and Lessons Policy
Effective for 2016/17 Season


 Ski and Snowboard evaluation and lessons were implemented in 2011 to address a gap in our training and evaluations. Prior to this time, we did not have a formal, documented ski evaluation protocol. We started the Sunday ski lessons to help our members improve their abilities and demonstrate a high level of ski and snowboard ability. Since then, skiing instruction has been the largest discretionary budget item for MWSPA. The program has benefitted the patrol and has increased the skiing abilities of several members to an expert level.

 The aim for this policy is to increase the effectiveness of our program and address current gaps in our training. Our focus is making sure that our minimum standards are met by all members, offer improvement to the members who need to increase their abilities, and accomplish this with increased cost efficiency and effectiveness.

 Skiing and Boarding Evaluation Policy

 All members’ skiing and snowboarding abilities must be assessed by a third-party evaluator. This evaluation must be recorded on the member’s profile. Members must meet our minimum standard. Our Constitution notes that all members must be assessed at an Advanced Intermediate level or higher and have this assessment recorded on their profile as a requirement to be a member in good standing.

 Evaluations for new members will take place on the morning of the first day of Snow Camp. Evaluations for current members who require documentation for their profile will be offered during the first month of the season, as organized by the Ski/Snowboard Assessment Preceptor. All members must complete their assessment by the end of second month of the season.

 Lessons in January

 The patrol will offer ski/snowboard lessons every Sunday afternoon in January. These lessons are open to any member of the patrol. The lessons will focus on the skills and requirements needed for an Advanced Intermediate ski/snowboard ability. Members must attend lessons until they meet minimum standard.

Duty Day Recognition

 Members may attend the lessons on a personal day. Members are also permitted to take lessons during a duty day. MWAR recognizes the benefits of our training program and supports us by permitting lessons during duty days. To receive duty day credit, members must wear their patrol jacket, carry a radio and backpack, and be available to respond to 10-50s. During training, responding to radio calls is required only if no other patroller is available for the 10-50, if the 10-50 occurs within sight of the patroller, or if a member of the public requests assistance from the patroller. As with any duty day, members must check-in on time, attend morning meeting and sweeps, and check-out on time.

 Ski/Snowboard Assessment Preceptor

 These lessons will be coordinated by a Preceptor designated by the MWSPA board, upon recommendation by the training committee. The Assessment Preceptor must work with the 3rd party assessor, record all attendees, record assessments on member profiles, and provide any reports requested by the board. To receive duty day recognition, the Assessment Preceptor must fulfill the same requirements for all members. Their focus is ski/snowboard ability training but they must be available to respond to 10-50s as a last resort.

 Advanced Learning Opportunities

 Any member who wishes to take an advanced course to improve their technique will receive a subsidy from MWSPA upon successful completion of the course.  The amount of the subsidy will be dependent upon the price of the course, up to one-third the cost of the course will be paid (to a maximum of $100).  If any days or time in the course are missed, for whatever reason, the subsidy will be prorated down.  The type of courses eligible are CSIA Level 1, 2 or 3 and certain advanced courses given by a recognized CSIA provider.  If in doubt of the course’s eligibility, please contact the designated training member in advance.