PQAW - Nov 5-6

Aug 9th, 2016

Hello Fellow MWSPA Team Members,


Since the clock is ticking & I will be away for a couple of weeks, I felt that some key points needed to be reiterated and/or explained as we prepare for the pending PQAW and subsequent Ski Season.


1.              CPR RECERTIFICATION: 


Every MWSPA member must be CPR –HCP (health care professional) CERTIFIED ANNUALLY.  


CPR-HCP certification addresses ventilation using BVM's and addresses CPR on children and infants.  It also covers 2 person CPR in more detail.  Your training committee has endorsed this change.  We are working with providers to facilitate the offering of CPR-HCP classes during the PQAW weekends.  These classes will be offered on a first come first serve sign up basis.  I will send additional information once we have solidified the logistics.  The transition to a CPR-HRC recertification should not be that difficult to complete.


2.              PQAW WEEKEND:  November 5-6


The "Patrol Qualification & Assessment" weekend (PQAW) will be offered with essentially the same format as our previous "Training Weekends."   It all boils down to the goal of “Good-Better-Best”.   


I encourage everyone, regardless of prior training & experience, to review their first aide material well in advance of the PQAW weekend.  PQAW is not the time to work out the cobwebs.  Everyone will be expected to demonstrate a basic level of emergency first aid care and if they fail to do so, the onus will be on that specific member to prove that they are competent in providing a basic level of emergency first aid care before they will be allowed to patrol.  This unfortunate situation can be avoided by ensuring that everyone reviews their first aid manuals prior to PQAW.


I would encourage patrollers to get together with other members prior to PQAW to do some practice of the basic skills that we all need to spinal rolls, airway management review, splinting etc.  If you feel that you need some assistance reviewing any of your first aid skills - call me (prior to PQAW) - and I will connect you with someone awesome who I know will be more than willing to assist you.    


3.              FIRST AID RECORDS:     


Regardless of your certification, experience or position within the Patrol  - Everyone MUST submit a First Aid Record prior to patrolling on the hill.   During the previous "Training Weekends" everyone had a set of documents (aka training records) that had the various scenarios listed on them.  Each patroller was expected to have a certain number of scenarios completed with accompanying comments/observations completed by a ‘Station Leader‘.  


This year, I will send a PQAW package to every member prior to mid October.  You will receive all practice scenarios prior to PQAW.   The onus will be on you to review them in preparation for a skills assessment.  .


The PQAW is MANDATORY for all patrollers – if you will not be able to make the entire weekend session you must contact the Association (MWSPA) ‘s secretary ( for options which must meet the criteria as set within our Constitution (available on the Patrol website)   


4.              REQUEST FOR TRAINERS:   


Thank you to all who have responded to my request for Trainers for this year’s PQAW. Train the Trainer's Day is Sunday, October 23. If you have responded to my request and have not heard back from me, please send me another email as I am sending everyone a confirmation email once I retrieve it.  If however you have yet to respond to me and you are interested in helping out with PQAW please let me know before Sept 5th.  


I will be away from August 15th – 28th and upon my return I will be continuing to prepare for this years PQAW.


Thank you in advance,


Derek Tolmie, Training Coordinator 

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