MWAR Helmet Use Policy


 Effective 13-14 winter season

In conjunction with required Worksafe regulations and CWSAA best practices, ski and snowboard helmets are now mandatory for all workers who are travelling on snow during the course of their employment at Mount Washington

Any worker who is skiing, blading, snowboarding, from or to any lift or conveyor on the mountain and on any terrain accessed by a lift or conveyor and defined as “Alpine” will be required to wear an approved helmet.

Helmets will be mandatory once the worker has started their shift until they have completed their shift.

Workers are required to supply their own helmet as part of their own personal equipment, as they would for skis, boards and boots.

Failure to wear a helmet while riding or skiing during work time will lead to disciplinary action, which could include termination, and may lead to workers not being covered by Worksafe in the event of an injury where they were not wearing their helmet.

WorkSafeBC has identified the following standards for safety headgear for skiing and boarding work activities as acceptable for use by workers:

CE-EN1077 Helmets for alpine skiers and snowboarders - Class A or Class B
ASTM F2040 Helmets Used for Recreational Snow Sports
Snell RS-98 Protective Headgear for Recreational Skiing and Snowboarding


Volunteers participating on Alpine terrain will be asked to follow this policy.